If it sounds nice then you might want to read every word in this article where I will be revealing…

The New way to Apply and Secure an Admission in Canada using the DIY method without paying N200,000 to
Any agent and without having IELTS

With this you get to save yourself over N300,000 in expenses which you can then spend elsewhere!

Dear reader, 

If you have decided you want to Relocate out of Nigeria to Canada.

Then I must commend you, it’s the right decision because with everything happening in Nigeria right now it doesn’t look like things will ever get better.

But note,

One of the key things you must get done before you relocate out of Nigeria is to first secure your admission.

And this is the most crucial step you need to take in other to know if you stand any chance of being in Canada or not, especially when you plan on relocating through the Work-Study route.

Because if you don’t get an Admission then you can’t go ahead with the other travel processes.

The reason is because when you want to relocate to Canada, there must be a reason why you want to go in other to get a Visa.

You can’t just work into the Canadian Embassy and request for a Visa, you won’t get it.

Now you know you need an admission but there is usually two stumbling blocks.

Number #1

you need to pay an agent to do the process for you which will cost you anywhere from N200,000 – N500,000.

Here is a screenshot of someone saying this below after showing her the way.

As you can see, she even paid half a million yet she didn’t get an admission.

Number #2

Another issue with this process people face when trying to secure an Admission is they don’t have IELTS.

It’s either they are scared to write the exam or have written and failed in the past.

But what if i tell you, you don’t need an IELTS to school in Canada.

yes I mean it.

You can school in any school of your choice in Canada without IELTS exam and you don’t need an agent as well.

If I show you this methods would you use it?

But before I show you how to go about applying for admission without paying an Agent and using IELTS, who I’m I and how do I qualify to give you and talk about an information like this?

I’m Anthony Chika by name. I graduated from the “Universal School of Aviation” in Abuja where I studied “TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT” and “Tourism “.

I came out as one of the best students which made me a Certified Travel expert.

After my school, I Moved to Lagos where I worked for for one of the Biggest Travel agencies in the country which also has its branch in Canada.

I learnt a lot of practical stuffs on how things are done working with that Agency, before I decided to leave and start working for myself from home.

So this is why I believe I’m qualified to introduce….


The DIY stands for Do It Yourself.

The goal of this program is to save you on the cost by doing the whole admission process by yourself and not paying any agent 200k to do what you can easily do by yourself and without having IELTS.

No, it’s not as complicated as you may think, but you just need to know how to do it right.

In this program, I show you step by step How to Apply and secure admission to the school of your dreams in Canada without needing IELTS.

No stories!

No stress!

Here is what you will learn in this Course.

This is everything you need to know about getting admission to any school of your choice in Canada without IELTS and paying an agent over N200,000.

It’s a proven way and exactly how travel agencies do it, I know this because I helped people process their admissions successfully.

Follow exactly what you see in this course and you will surely get your admission.

And the best part is, I made a step by step video tutorial showing you how it’s done.

In this course, you will see me doing the whole application process like I’m doing it for a client.

Just do as I do and you will get it right.

Don’t complicate it, it’s that simple.

The total worth of this course is at least N200,000 because this is how much a client pays us to get the job done and knowing you don’t need IELTS makes it even worth more.

It’s the exact information you are getting on how we do it for our clients.

But don’t worry I won’t charge you anything close to N200,000 because you know my goal by now, which is to empower and help a lot of Nigerians with this information and contribute to their story.

That’s why I won’t still charge you N50,000 which isn’t a bad price by the way based on the worth of information you are getting that usually costs over N200,000.

To cut the story short all you are going to pay today is a sum of N40,000 N30,000 N25,000 and this information on how to apply and secure Admission in Canada will be yours.

I know it’s crazy giving this information at this price, but hey it’s my own way of contributing to your story.

Still, I want to do something absolutely crazy for the next 12 people that jump on this offer today.

I’m going to slash the price by an extra 75%.

So if You are among the first 12 persons to take action on this program that teaches you how to Apply and secure Admission by yourself, you grab this information for just

N25,000 N15,000 only today.


Listen up, if you leave this page you won’t see this price at N15,000 when you come back because a lot of people have been telling me to create this offer in my WhatsApp contact that’s why I did.

The goal is to raise the price to N25,000 once 350 persons grab this offer.

As I write 338 spots have jumped on this offer since I launched this late last month, people are rushing it like crazy because they know this is exactly what agents charge N200,000 – N500,000 for, so it’s filling up fast in case you want to spend time thinking about it. 

when you are done thinking you will end up paying N25,000.

If you are ready to secure your spot by making payment, then click the button below to send me a message on WhatsApp.

Guess what!

this isn’t all you get today, I have some special bonuses also for the remaining 12 people that will complete 150 when you act now.

Bonus #1: Top 10 cheapest universities/colleges in Canada.


Do you know that there are some cheap high-quality Universities and Colleges in Canada?

I’ll show you 10 of these kinds of schools and how to apply to them in other to save yourself more cost.

You know my goal is to help you save costs.

This Bonus is worth N20,000.

Bonus #2: A detailed list of recommended courses/programs to study in Canada.


You see when you go to Canada there are some courses you should do and not do.

You might just look for the nearest exit to come back to Nigeria if you pick the wrong course. 

It’s that serious, so that’s why I decided to add this bonus so you know exactly the kind of courses you should consider doing.

This bonus is worth N10,000.

Bonus #3 – Total cost of moving to Canada.


I wrote a short report detailing the cost you need in other to relocate to Canada.

This is what no one will tell you, but I’m going to tell you so you prepare yourself for what’s coming.

Because it’s very important you know about this when planning.

This bonus is easily worth N14,900.

Bonus #4 – 5 mistakes Study route applicants make that causes Visa rejection.


I wrote an Ebook detailing the 5 common mistakes 47% of study route applicants make that causes the Canadian embassy to reject them,.

In this Ebook, I’ll show you how to avoid these mistakes from the start and what to do if you have encountered any of them before.

This bonus is worth over N5,000 easily.

Bonus #5 – Premium SOP Templete


This is the most important aspect when applying for an Admission to your dream school.

To tell you how important an Statement of purpose (SOP) is, it is more important than any certificate you currently have right now and it is also more important than anything else that is required so you need this.

SOP is a personal statement detailing your personality, aspiration, determination and enthusiasm towards your application.

If done right it will boost your chances of getting an admission in your dream school.

The only issue is people find this overwhelming when writing this statement.

Like where do you start writing from?

I understand this was what prompted me to Create a template that you can swipe for your own use.

All you need to do is add things unique to you, I have already written it for you, just change a few things that suits you and you are good to go.

This Bonus alone is easily worth N35,000 it is one of the key things that will give you admission or stop you from getting it if not done properly. 

Bonus #6 – Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Review

I already told you how important an SOP is and I will give you a Template.

But still I know some people might mess things up and just do things anyhow which will lead to a Guaranteed rejection which I don’t want for you because my goal is to see you get your admission.

So I decided I will review your SOP letter before you send them.

So once you are done writing your personal statement using the Template I already gave you.

Send it to me on Whatsapp, I Will review it and tell you what to change or what to add to your letter, this is to make sure you have the best Personal statement as possible that will increase your chances of getting an Admission in your dream school.

This Bonus is Worth N15,000 easily

Bonus #7: How to legally remain in Canada after your studies and become a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) and   A Canadian Citizen.


I believe this is the goal right?

Do you want to become a Permanent residence then eventually become a Citizen in Canada?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward in Canada because in just one year in some cases you can become a permanent residence and expect to be a Citizen 2-3 years after becoming a permanent residence.

So it will take you roughly 3 to 5 years to become a Citizen in Canada and you will then have equal rights as those white folks.

This information is very important and if you miss one step forget about it, that is why I show you step by step how it’s done.

This Bonus is worth N30,000.

This ought to be a course on its own.

Bonus #8 – Whatsapp support


You’ll also get my help if during your application you get stuck or confused.

Just hit me up on Whatsapp and you will get my help.

So you are getting these 5 Bonuses today alongside the main Course you are getting

This bonus is worth N50,000.

So as you can see I really want you to succeed with this that’s why I’m giving you these bonuses.

The total cost of these 8 bonuses is N179,900.

But guess how much you will pay for these bonuses today as long as you are among the last 12 persons to complete 350?

Zero, nothing.

You’ll get those 8 powerful bonuses for free when you get the DIY Canada admission system which is just N5,000 as long as you are among the last 12 persons to make it 350.

Click the button below to send me a Message on whatsapp so you can secure your spot as one of the 12 persons by making payment

Why I’m I pricing it this low you may ask?

Well the money you will pay for this I will use that money to pay Facebook because I paid Facebook to show you this advert.

And Facebook ads is really expensive right now and not just that Nigeria now charges a 7.5% VAT of any amount Facebook is charging me to show you this page now.

So I don’t really expect a profit from this, I might even lose money because if you don’t buy I have paid Facebook whichever way because you can’t run ads without paying Facebook first.

And let’s not talk about the time I invested in creating this videos and editing them.

But I’m doing it with the intention of when you finally get an admission you will be happy and you will want me to advice you and work with you in helping you with the rest process of your relocation.

The Exact Steps I Follow To Get My Clients Admission Who Pays Me N200,000 for my service Is What You Are Getting For Just N25,000  N15,000 Today.

I helped her secure her dream admission in the school she wanted even though she doubted at first.

Here is another client and the rest of my clients will get their “Admission letter” later in the month. 

Just showed you these two recent testimonials to let you know, I know what I’m doing and this is what I do every day.

I will show you exactly how I do it without hiding anything from you.

Here are a few persons who has gotten results using the DIY Canadian Admission System

He was able to get admission, he will be in Canada buy September, congrats to him.

This guy got an admission and even got a part scholarship as well.

Congrats to him.

As you can see, she isn’t in Canada yet, and she’s even yet to get her Admission because it can takes weeks to get an admission later and it was few days ago she paid for the course and started implementing what I talked about.

I know some persons will swear that I paid that lady to do the comment and if that is you I can’t help you because you must always find the negative part in anything.

Also did you see where she said they charged her almost half a million for the same thing I’m giving you access for just N5,000 and I’m also giving you bonuses worth N179,000?

This was someone who chatted me up recently, guess what he paid 2M and yet no admission.

At the end of the day, not everyone understands the value cause if you do, you won’t even think twice.

My 2 in 1 Sweet Double your Money Guarantee.

I have never been so confident about anything as I am about this program.

I so much believe in this information and back it 100%.

So here is my guarantee to you.

If you aren’t able to successfully apply for your admission by following what I show you in the course, then send me a message when you get stuck and I will tell you what to do and if you still can’t apply.

Then I will give you your money back.

If you paid N15,000 and you aren’t able to apply for your admission then I’ll give you your N15,000 plus an extra N15,000 making it N30,000 to compensate you for your efforts and for me wasting your time.

And oh, this Guarantee is Valid for 365 days, which is full year.

I made it one year because I know you might not make use of it instantly, so I don’t want you to rush, take your time you have one year.

So you have two Guarantee’s from me, the first is Double your money guarantee and the second is anytime within 1 year you can ask for your money back as long as you made us of the information.

But hey, you must show me proof it didn’t work for you that’s when you qualify, because you can’t come and ask for you money if you didn’t make use of the information.

You might be think, this is too good to be true, well it’s not.

Applying for Admission is a straight forward path, it’s not a guess work. remember I’m showing you how I do it Step by Step like I’m helping a client apply.

Is this fair enough?

If yes, then hit the button below to send me a message for payment details to secure your spot.

Also, hit the button below if you have questions.

MUST READ – Don’t skip This Last Paragragh


This is For those of you who don’t read a page till the end, I understand I do it sometimes too.

Here is a summary for you.

I created a program called the DIY Canada Admission system.

I show you step by step how to apply and secure admission in Canada by yourself without paying any agent N200,000.

Here Is Everything You Are Getting Today.

  • DIY (Do it Yourself) Canadian Admission System – Currently N20,000
  • Bonus #1: Top 10 cheapest universities/colleges in Canada – Worth N20,000
  • Bonus #2: A detailed list of recommended courses/programs to study in Canada – Worth N10,000
  • Bonus #3 – Total cost of moving to Canada Report- Worth N14,900
  • Bonus #4 – 5 mistakes Study route applicants make that causes Visa rejection Report – Worth N5,000
  • Bonus #5 – Premium SOP Template Worth N35,000
  • Bonus #6 – Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Review Worth N15,000
  • Bonus #7 – How to legally remain in Canada after your studies and become a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) and  Citizen. Worth N30,000
  • Bonus #8 – Whatsapp support – Worth N50,000

The Total worth of what you are getting today plus the bonuses is N199,900.

But if you are among the remaining 12 persons left to complete 350 to grab this offer you get to pay just

N25,000 N15,000 today.

If you aren’t among the remaining 12 persons to complete 350 persons then and you won’t get the 8 Bonuses worth N179,900 for free today.

I launched this offer last month and as I’m writing this 338 persons jumped on it, and I won’t be updating this page every time someone joins in, so at the time of seeing this I can assure you more than 338 persons have jumped on this offer, the next time I will refresh this page which will be any moment from now will be once we hit 350 persons and the price will be N25,000, plus all the bonuses will be removed.

Click the button below to message me on WhatsApp for payment details.

Still Feel This Is Too Good To Be True?

I understand where you are coming from.

People can just make any claim and they won’t even fulfil it, we see that every time in the internet so I understand if you feel skeptical, in short I don’t blame you if i were in your shoes I’ll maybe feel worse.

so let me be completely honest of my intentions.

the price is extremely cheap for an information like this people pay N200,000 to agents to help them do, so why really is this N5,000 only?

Well the reasons are really simple.

  1. Remember, I’m not helping you Apply for the admission I’m only showing you how to apply by yourself, I have created step by step videos showing you how it’s done. This isn’t a service I’m providing, you are doing it yourself I’ll just show you how.
  2. Doing this will not stop clients from paying me to do the application process for them. There are still people who won’t have the time or don’t want to stress themselves with the process and that’s where I come in, so I still make money from them but doing this for you is more about my passion to help people who doesn’t have much and is trying to save cost.

When you get the “DIY Canadian Admission System” today what you are simply doing is giving more people an opportunity to see and get this offer.

Because I pay Facebook a lot of money regardless if you buy or not so I’m taking a risk but when my risk money finishes it means I won’t continue running ads, I’m not a millionaire or charity I’m just trying to help. 

So you will be doing yourself a great good because you need this program cause it will save you a lot of money.

And you will be helping others too when you buy, because when you buy you also help cover my advert cost which I will reinvest back to keep running this ads you clicked so it reaches and help more people who needs this opportunity like you.

So you will be directly involved in other people’s success when they finally get an admission because you paid for the ads for them to see this.

I’m really happy for you and I hope I’m able to help you with this process in your journey to Canada. 

my goal is always to save you cost.

Yours Truly,

Anthony Chika.

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