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Want to relocate to Canada for FREE?

I showed a Friend this Sneaky method on how to relocate to Canada for Free and she got a 100% fully funded scholarship that covers tuition fees, accommodation and living costs in less than 2 weeks of Application.

I will also show you the exact method I showed my friend that helped her secure a Guaranteed 100% funded scholarship and you only get to pay me when you get the Scholarship.

I have a question for you. 

Have you ever tried Relocating to Canada before now but you struggle to move forward with the process because of the huge money required to complete the process? 

If yes, then you must read till the end where I will show you exactly how to relocate you and your family to Canada with 99% of the cost covered for you.

With the new way, money will no longer hold you back from Relocating to Canada.

You might be surprised and ask yourself how do I qualify to talk about Scholarships and Travel in general.

Well, I’m Anthony Chika by name. I graduated from the “Universal School of Aviation” in Abuja where I studied TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT and TOURISM.

I came out as one of the best students which made me a Certified Travel expert. 

After my school, I Moved to Lagos where I currently work for one of the Biggest Travel agencies in the country which also has its branch in Canada.

Here is how my friend Cynthia went from earning 120k to now being on her way to Canada without worrying about the cost.

Cynthia is a good friend of mine, we’ve been friends for over 3 years now. 

After secondary school, her parents didn’t want her to go to university immediately because they said she was too young to live on her own. 

So she had to wait till she was 20 to apply for her admission because she finished secondary school at 18.

But well, things didn’t go as planned. 

She wasn’t given admission on her first try. 

it was during her 3rd time of writing post-utme she finally got admission into the University of Ibadan. 

Around her 200L her Father lost his job and this made it very difficult for her to scale through university. 

If you are familiar with the University of Ibadan they always have one strike or the other.

So this added an extra 1 and half years to a degree of just 4 years, in addition to the financial struggles of getting by. 

But as God will have it she was able to do her NYSC in Lagos immediately after she graduated which was in 2019. 

She got a school job after her NYSC and became an Assistant for an Event Planning Company.

The encounter that made Cynthia decide to leave Nigeria. 

July 5th 2021 during the time when Doctors went on strike she lost her Dad to High blood pressure because hospitals were on strike. 

It was a painful experience that made her swear to herself she can’t continue in a country like this anymore after also reflecting on other things.  

There was also an encounter of her jumping bus on a rainy day in Lagos on her way back home after work.

5 minutes into the journey she checked her bag to get her phone but it was gone. 

Terrible experiences like that people face in this country. 

And we haven’t even talked about the 20th Oct 2020 protest she went to and almost lost her life when our Nigerian government sent soldiers to kill her citizens. 

All this put together just made her decide she is leaving Nigeria for good. 

So she started looking for ways to leave Nigeria and with her research, she saw Canada was the most friendly country because. 



Once a person obtains Canadian PR, there’s very little that can make them lose it. In fact, it is very difficult for a person to lose their Canadian Permanent Residence status once they have it which gives you a lot of benefits.

Travel Rights


Canada enjoys an excellent global reputation. Permanent residents are thus able to visit most countries in the world without a visa or to receive one on arrival. This category includes countries such as the USA, UK, and the Schengen Countries — the vast majority of European Union members.

Benefits for Children


A Canadian PR enjoys financial benefits for their children under 18 years. These children are paid as much as $500 a month depending on their age.  

Job Opportunities


High paying job opportunities are all over Canada, the opportunities are endless.

Free Medicals


Canadian PRs enjoy free medical for themselves and their families. This is such a big advantage over most countries

So she started the process and paid some money to an agent to process her admission which she finally got. 

But here is the deal-breaker.

The tuition fee cost thousands of dollars, it was way past her budget. 

How can someone earning 120k afford to pay a tuition fee of Almost ten thousand Canadian dollars? 

because even if she saved her entire salary of 120k for a year it wouldn’t still go anywhere. 

So sadly she had to forget about the admission and just focus on her job. 

The whole money involved just totally discouraged her. 

Moving to Canada requires huge costs, to be honest, it’s not just something you wake up and decide to do, it’s a project you plan for.

So she decided to quit her Canadian dream like most Nigerians do because you have to be really Rich to relocate to Canada.

It involves a lot of money. 

The turning point.

One Sunday after church we were just having a conversation that was when she opened up to me about how she applied for admission but quit the process when she saw the Tuition fee in the conditional offer letter.

When we finished talking that day, I got home really sad because all I could think of was Cynthia.

I could feel the pain in her voice when we spoke that she was really frustrated and wanted to leave this country in other to be happy again.

Throughout that night I tried to see if there was a way to relocate without a lot of costs, but nothing the Study route is actually the most straightforward.

Immediately I wanted to sleep my mind flashed back to an article I saw months back on Canada’s second-biggest News media which talked about how millions of dollars worth of Scholarships goes to waste yearly in Canada. 

So knowing what my friend has gone through I decided to take it upon myself to research How to go about getting these fully funded scholarships that wouldn’t involve money. 

Because I knew my friend earned just around 120k per month, there was no way she could afford to Relocate to Canada even with a partial scholarship. 

I began my research from October ending 2021 and I did research till mid-December yet I couldn’t find anything reasonable on Google and YouTube. 

So I decided to gather the courage to ask one of the top persons in my organization because he usually has all the information from our branch in Canada.

Because I also said to myself this information will be beneficial to me also when I’m ready to leave Nigeria towards the end of the year.

After many days of persuasion, he finally asked the people running our branch in Canada for this information.

Immediately he got access to information I needed he passed them on to me and told me; Chika no more disturbance like this again.

And I was like; Yes sir (Lol)

Finally, my 2 months of research wasn’t in vain. 

I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself. 

So I quickly showed this method to my friend Cynthia because I knew she was already ready to travel.

You must be thinking she was excited to hear about it too, well you are wrong. 

She had already given up completely about moving to Canada and didn’t believe me when I told her it was possible to get a fully funded scholarship that won’t require extra cost to her, It took me 3 days to convince her to apply for the scholarships. 

I gave her 5 scholarship offers to apply for but she only applied for 2.

To cut the story short guess who gave me a call 6 weeks ago? 

I bet you know already, here is what she had to say. 

I can't appreciate my Chika enough, I wanted to relocate out of this country but I didn't have the money, as a matter of fact I earn just about N120,000 per month. So when Chika told me about getting a scholarship I brushed it at the side, but she insisted and I said since nothing to lose I gave it a try. I applied for a Postgraduate Scholarship to 2 schools and after 2 weeks I got a response from one of the schools that I have successfully qualified for the scholarship. It still feels like a dream to me, I can't really thank Chika enough. As of now I just got my International passport and I'm doing my medicals and some few things required in less than 2 months I will be on my way to Canada by God's grace. Thanks once more Chika.
Joan Ibrahim
event management assistant

Seeing her so excited a thought came to my mind. 

There are a lot of Nigerians who are ready to run from this country immediately if money wasn’t an issue because let’s be honest this country is becoming unbearable.

  • No light
  • Bad roads, 
  • Police brutality,
  • Fuel Scarcity.
  • Bad governance, 
  • Kidnapping, 
  • Bad everything

But I wasn’t 100% sure if this New way worked for sure, maybe Cynthia was just lucky or something.

I didn’t want to put something on the internet that wasn’t proven.

So I decided to share this information with 5 of my other friends, 2 out of the 5 took it seriously and applied. 

One of them named Adeola got a scholarship offer within a week and Helen my other friend who had a 2nd class lower got hers within 3 weeks. 

(If you have a GPA less than 2nd class lower, it will be very difficult for you if you are going for a Post-graduate program and if you don’t have 5 Credits in your main subject as an Undergraduate just forget about a scholarship)

They got it quickly because it was almost resumption time which is the Winter intake section.

There are 3 intake periods in Canada, January intake (Winter), May intake (Summer), September intake (Fall)

The other 3 of my friends who didn’t apply A.k.A doubting thomas just started their application last week after seeing 2 of my other friends getting the Scholarship.

And now I’m ready to help more people with this same information that has gotten 3 of my friends fully funded scholarships in less than 2 months.

As we speak they are finalizing the details needed to Relocate, Cynthia should be on her way to Canada in the next few week


In this Program, I will take you step by step showing you the NEW way how to source and apply for any kind of Scholarship you want be it Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD.…

It took me 4 months to come up with this information for you and an extra 6 weeks to record all the videos showing you the steps.

I’m very busy at work so I had to sacrifice all my weekends to record these step-by-step videos.

Here is What you are getting in the Canadian FREE Scholarship Blueprint

How much does the Canadian Free Scholarship Blueprint cost?

The real question is how much does it cost you not to get a scholarship and this Blueprint right now?

About 10 – 15 million per year right?

Considering Tuition is around $7,000 – $10,000 (3.5 – 5 million naira) per year, 

Accommodation is around $1000 per month which is $12,000 (6M naira) per year and we haven’t talked about living costs yet.

If you are moving with your family that’s probably double or triple the living cost.

And another cost is you will be stuck in this country for life because you can’t afford the cost of leaving. 

Your kids will grow up in this same Endsars environment where police kill other people’s children like no tomorrow.

You will have to deal with Tinubu when he enters power.

You will still keep earning peanuts per month in your job.

So those are the cost if you don’t get a scholarship by getting this offer today.

Now you know the cost of not taking action so if I even charge you a one-time fee of 1 million naira, I believe you won’t complain.

Would you complain if I can save you at least 9 – 14 million and save you from Nigeria’s struggles?

But I’m not going to do that because my goal is not to incur bigger costs on you, rather it’s to save you on cost…

I’m not charging you 500k for this also.

Neither will I charge you 200k even though it’s worth the amount.

You will get access to this same information that has helped 3 of my friends secure a fully-funded scholarship to Canada, which means they don’t have to bother about tuition fees, accommodation or living costs for just

N100,000 one-time payment.

But yet I decided to do something no agent has ever done and I doubt it will be done ever. 

I so much believe you will get a fully-funded scholarship following what I teach and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. 

I want to give 50 people this information and those 50 people will only pay me when they actually get the scholarship.

Yes, you heard that. 

So if you don’t get the Scholarship you don’t pay me is that simple. 

And not just that if when applying you get confused at a point you’ll get access to my help, so I will be giving you my personal contact so you can send me a message at any time.

Crazy huh? 

But there is a catch.

I know if everyone sees this offer they will jump on it immediately. 

Which will be an issue for me because I can’t help everyone and both people who aren’t ready to use this information will get access since it’s free and no commitment which is a waste of time for me.

So to show me that you are committed and ready to use the information that took me 6 weeks to record and actually put it to use. 

All you need to do to qualify for this offer is to be among the first 50 persons to deposit just 10% of the entire fee you ought to pay me which is just N10,000 only. 

Yes, once you deposit N10,000 it shows me you are serious and ready to use the information because i know the unserious once won’t make the deposit so it helps me filter out the unserious ones so i focus my attention on only the ready one’s, i really hope you reading this is one of the ready ones.. 

The N10,000 everything will be used to pay for the Facebook adverts, this website and every cost  that got you to this page right now, because I paid a lot of money to get you here right now it wasn’t free.

so I’m not making any profit right now.

I only make a profit when you get what you want which is the Scholarship.

Then you pay me my N90,000 that’s when I actually make a profit.

So if for one reason or the other you don’t get the Scholarship then you don’t have to pay me again.

Beause if you don’t get results then whats the point of paying me right?

No agent will do anything like this, the least they can do is let you deposit 50%

If you feel N10,000 is too much to deposit to secure your spot then thank you because it means you aren’t ready to make use of the information which makes way for only the serious ones who are ready to use this information.

So you are saving yourself risk by only paying me in full only when you get results. 

Price goes from N10,000 deposit to full deposit of N100,000 once we hit 50 persons and his should happen in a couple of days depending on when you see this page!

I strongly suggest you pay by Clicking the Button above to pay with Paystack cause you’ll automatically get redirected to the Page you’ll get Access to the Pre – Launch Waitlist…

Alternative Payment

If you couldn’t make payment with the option above.

Kindly send the sum of N10,000 to the details below.

Account name – Anthony Chika Righteous

Account Number – 0236801496

Bank Name – Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)

After payment Kindly send your Payment Proof to (08086452055) on Whatsapp. (Not Text message Whatsapp please.

But wait, Chika, this is insane giving people access without really paying in full?

I’m just wanting to do an experiment that’s why I’m doing this offer, I sense people will want to take advantage of my generosity. 

Because I know some people will get the Scholarship and not pay me my fee, heck! They won’t even tell me they got the scholarship.

But yet I’m doing this to give people the benefit of the doubt. 

Immediately I notice that I’m being ripped off I’ll start charging my N100,000 upfront, so if you are seeing this offer don’t even consider thinking twice about it because it will be gone in the next few days for sure.

And also if 50 people get this offer I’ll start charging my full 100k upfront.

There is no risk on your side, all you have to do is a deposit to show me you are serious and ready to use the information then I’ll also trust you to give you access to th3e Tutorials I created and my personal help incase you get stuck. 

The deposit you are making is actually for me to pay back Facebook for the ads you clicked.

So that 10% deposit you are making right now will be given to Facebook, I’ll only make a profit when you actually get the Scholarship.

By then you are happy because you get what you wanted which is a way to Relocate to Canada for almost free and you’ll be more than happy to give me my N90,000 balance at that point because I deserve it.

Guess what! 

The FREE Canada Scholarship Blueprint isn’t all you get today, I have some special bonuses to reward action takers. 

Bonus #1 – How To Apply and Get an Admission without Paying any Agent.

You’ll learn how to apply for admission to any school in Canada you want (Hint – it’s exactly how we agents do it) ​

This way you get to save your a lot of money.

The Travel Agency I work with we charge N213,800 for us to help you apply for Admission and if you have paid an agent in the past to help you with this process you should know it will be more or a little bit less.

But guess what, you’ll get tis for Free when you get “The Canadian FREE Scholarship Blueprint” Today.

This bonus will be removed after the Pre-launch and be sold separately.

BONUS #2 10 fully researched scholarships you can apply for Today.

I researched 10 of the best Scholarship offers in Canada right now. 

So with this, you have a higher chance of getting a scholarship because they are now 10 to choose from.

I did this research because even though I will show you how to do this research I also wanted to just give you something you can work with Asap.

I know you might be busy so I decided to do it for you. 

And they contain Undergraduate and Postgraduate. 

This bonus alone is worth over N200,000 because if I were to do this research for you according to request, I will charge N20,000 per every Scholarship I research.

This bonus is only available for the first 10 persons that get this Blueprint right now because I plan to remove this and sell it separately as a special done-for-you package

Bonus #3 – Part-time jobs that will pay you in Canada as a student.

In this report, I cover part-time jobs that you can get once you are in Canada to help support yourself while you are schooling.

Making your own money as well is an addition.

So you will find this in handy when you get there.

The total worth of this bonus is N20,000.

Bonus #4: Monthly New Free Scholarships Update.

In this bonus, you’ll get emails from me every month talking about updates about everything you need to know about Canadian Scholarships. 

This bonus is worth N5,000 per month and N60,000 per year.

Bonus #5: Top 10 schools to study in Canada without IELTS.

Like I told you, no IELTS no worries, especially now that IELTS is valid for just 2 years.

In this bonus, I’ll tell you the best schools you can apply for that don’t require IELTS, so if you have failed in the past this would be perfect for you.

This bonus is worth N20,000.

Bonus #6: Top 10 cheapest universities/colleges in Canada.

Do you know that there are some cheap high-quality Universities and Colleges in Canada?

I’ll show you 10 of these kinds of schools and how to apply to them.

This Bonus is worth N20,000.

Bonus #7: Top 10 institutions in Canada WITHOUT tuition deposits. (Confirm your Admission without paying a dime upfront).


You know most schools in Canada, you get what is called a Conditional Admission whereby you have to pay some deposit to confirm your admission.

The issue with this is if something happens and you can no longer get the admission cause maybe your Visa was rejected. Your money is gone no refund.

But with these schools I’ll show you, you will get your complete admission for real without any deposit. 

So if anything goes wrong you have nothing to lose.

This bonus is worth N20,000

Bonus #8: How to legally remain in Canada after your studies and become a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) and citizen.

I believe this is the goal right?

Do you want to become a Permanent residence then eventually become a Citizen in Canada?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward in Canada because in just one year in some cases you can become a permanent residence and expect to be a Citizen 2 years after becoming a permanent residence.

So it will take you roughly 3 to 5 years to become a Citizen in Canada and you will then have equal rights as those white folks.

This information is very important and if you miss one step forget about it, that is why I show you step by step how it’s done.

This Bonus is worth N30,000.

This ought to be a course on its own.

Bonus #9: A detailed list of recommended courses/programs to study in Canada.

You see when you go to Canada there are some courses you should do and not do.

You might just look for the nearest exit to come back to Nigeria if you pick the wrong course. 

It’s that serious, so that’s why I decided to add this so you know exactly what to do.

This bonus is worth N10,000.

Bonus #10 – Email Support

So I know maybe you might get confused or have questions along the way, that’s why I decided to make myself available for you.

If you ever need my help just send a mail to my personal Email address I will give you once you get the Canadian Free Scholarship Blueprint.

And I’ll make sure I help you out, in short, if what you need requires a Call we will go ahead and get on a Call.

This Support Bonus alone is worth N10,000 a month sums up to N120,000 per year.

And all these Bonuses is for the first 25 persons only that get the Canadian Free Relocation Blueprint.

You see, some of those Bonuses I plan to package and sell as different Courses but I’m giving you all for Free today.

The total worth of everything you get Today – is N763,800.

But you get everything for a one – time Payment of N100,000 

Yet all you have to deposit to secure your spot today is just 10% which is N10,000 and you’ll get access to everything.

Price goes from N10,000 deposit to full deposit of N100,000 once we hit 50 persons and his should happen in a couple of days depending on when you see this page!

I strongly suggest you pay by Clicking the Button above to pay with Paystack cause you’ll automatically get redirected to the Page you’ll get Access to the Pre – Launch Waitlist…

Alternative Payment

If you couldn’t make payment with the option above.

Kindly send the sum of N10,000 to the details below.

Account name – Anthony Chika Righteous

Account Number – 0236801496

Bank Name – Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)

After payment Kindly send your Payment Proof to (08086452055) on Whatsapp. (Not Text message Whatsapp please.


Here are some burning questions you might have right now.

You will get access immediately so you can start going through the videos.

I just finished editing them so they will be ready for you when you make your deposit.

Of course, I can help you out with the application process on your behalf for a fee of N250,000.

You pay N100,000 and pay the rest when you get the Scholarship.

If this is what you want them send me a mail ( Stating this is what you want and i’ll tell you what next.

Your N100,000 should be ready before you send the Email please.

One of the scholarships sponsors everything you will need to continue your schooling in Canada and yes it’s fully funded.

Well, that will happen in a very rare case so if that’s the case for you it means you don’t get to pay me any more money.

No risk!

I know this is the case for some people, especially now that IELTS is only valid for 2 years. That’s why 7 out of the 10 schools we researched don’t require any English proficiency test.

If you saw the part of the article I posted earlier you will see how this is mostly not the case, as long as you have a good result you stand a high chance.

But if you have lower than a 2nd class lower, it’s not impossible but it’s hard.

you’ll still need to have your passport and some other basic things in place, I cover everything in the Program


Sure I understand, that’s why I added a free report showing you the kind of per time job you can get as a student.

You have nothing to worry about because once you get this Blueprint today you’ll have access to my email address and I respond pretty quickly when I’m less busy at work.

Absolutely, who do you want to leave them for? Lol. 

So I believe I have been able to answer all your potential questions, so you can either get the Canadian Free Scholarship Blueprint now for a deposit of N10,000 and save yourself over 10 million at least per year in all expenses or you can go ahead and pay the millions to get to study in Canada.

Choose whichever you see is more valuable to you.

If option 2 is what you chose then that’s alright, the only question I have is.

Where una they see this money, lol.

Lastly, I want you to Picture this scenario.

You get the Canadian FREE scholarship Blueprint right now by just making a 10% deposit which is nothing. 

You applied for a scholarship and got it.

You are on your way to Canada.

You are now in Canada

And you post the groundbreaking picture that makes people go wild on Twitter.

You are now going to a school where you love, not much stress intending to become a permanent resident and Citizen.

  • A very healthy environment where no Police brutality, 
  • no bad road, 
  • constant light, 
  • Your children are in good schools for Free, yes for free. 
  • Meet nice people, you finally have the peace of mind you crave.

Finally, dreams do come through and I will be glad I’m one of the persons responsible for that overwhelming joy you’ll feel.

Just close your eyes and picture yourself right now in Canada.

It can be a reality in the next couple of months if you decide to just make a no-risk deposit of just N10,000 and you’ll get everything including my help and only pay the remaining N90,000 if you get the Scholarship.

Price goes from N10,000 deposit to full deposit of N100,000 once we hit 50 persons and his should happen in a couple of days depending on when you see this page!

I strongly suggest you pay by Clicking the Button above to pay with Paystack cause you’ll automatically get redirected to the Page you’ll get Access to the Pre – Launch Waitlist…

Alternative Payment

If you couldn’t make payment with the option above.

Kindly send the sum of N10,000 to the details below.

Account name – Anthony Chika Righteous

Account Number – 0236801496

Bank Name – Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)

After payment Kindly send your Payment Proof to (08086452055) on Whatsapp. (Not Text message Whatsapp please.

If you have issues or Enquiries, you can send a message on Whatsapp – (08086452055) or send a mail ( and you will get a response

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