Kwale girl Vows to show you how you can get a job in Canada even if you are a cleaner, Farmer, Electrician and for high level professions like a doctor.

Dear reader,

I have a quick question for you.

Do you want to know how you can relocate yourself and your family to Canada through the work/Job route without having to become a student and spend millions of naira per year to fund your studies in Canada?

when all you want is a Job that will help you and your family relocate with the aim of becoming a permanent resident and a Canadian Citizen as the end goal?

If you answered YES to this question then I’m glad to let you know it is very possible and I will show you how it’s done today, so all you need to do is carefully pay attention to every single word in this article.

Before I move on to the juicy stuff, let me ask some important questions to see if this is for you in other not to waste your time on something that might not be for you.

  1. Is your sole aim to relocate to Canada because you want to work and provide for your family in a better environment without bothering yourself about school stuff, projects, exams, and the high Mental & Financial demands of schooling in Canada?
  2. Are you finding it hard to pass your IELTS exam with flying colours and this is stopping you from Relocating to Canada?
  3. Are you within the age of 18 & above as long as you can work?
  4. Is your minimum educational qualification Ssce, National Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Ordinary Diploma, NCE, or its equivalent and above?
  5. Are you unable to get the required points for the federal skilled worker program or the Express Entry Program because of the high CRS score required yet you want to still relocate to Canada?
  6. Is your goal to become a Permanent Residence and in the next 1094 days after staying in Canada become a Citizen without spending 100s of millions to buy a Canadian passport?
  7. Are you finding it hard to pay the huge tuition fee required to school in Canada or you simply don’t want to spend millions on schooling in Canada?
  8. Do you have no work experience or do you have just 1-year work experience in your field?
  9. IS the huge proof of funds holding you back from taking the bold step that will help you fulfill your dreams of moving to Canada?

If you answered Yes to These questions then


Because you qualify to relocate through this Unique substitute Work route pathway that most people don’t know of.

You see, Most people talk about how you can relocate through the study route which is good by the way, in fact, it’s the most straightforward pathway to relocate to Canada if I’m to be completely honest with you.

But still, it has some huge defects that if you aren’t prepared for it will drown you.

Here are a few things to consider if you want to go through the study route.

  1. It requires you to have anywhere from $8000 – $20,000 Canadian dollars per year for your tuition fee alone (This is anywhere from 4M – 10M per year in our current exchange rate) and if you are going for an undergraduate program of 4 years you will pay times 4 of this during your schooling duration.
  2. You need to score a very high IELTS and if you are in a country like Nigeria when the corrupt people marking your IELTS try to fail you so you keep coming and paying every time to write again, then you are on a roller coaster.
  3. You will need a huge Proof of funds of around $13,000 (7,500,000) and this proof of funds amount can rise to $31,000 (15.5M) or even more depending on the size of your family size. 
  4. You will actually need the proof of funds money to spend because you will have to get accommodation, for living costs and some other expenses required when moving to a new country, so it’s not something you can do without, to be honest and it’s not like you are working full time.

So with this, the total cost required for you to relocate to Canada through the school route is anywhere from $25,000 -$51,000 (which is 13M – 26M) and this amount depends on the school you decide to attend and your family size.

Nigeria’s minimum wage is N30,000 and if you times that by 12 months that’s just N360,000 which isn’t even up to 1000 Canadian dollars.

Even if you are freaking rich and can afford up to 13 – 25 million per year for all the expenses going through the study route.

We can’t rule out the fact that the amount will have a massive effect on your bank account.

That’s why relocating through the Work/Job route is the best way to relocate to right now if your goal is to work in Canada.

Because it doesn’t require as much qualifications as the study route and you won’t need anything close to what you will need financially compared to the study route.

The reason why is this time around you are going to work, so you won’t have to pay any huge tuition fees and have a huge Proof of funds which is one of the major drawbacks of the study route.

Going through the work route is very inexpensive and affordable for any serious person who is ready to relocate compared to the study route.

Just To tell you how expensive the school route is,

Here is a friend of mine who gained admission to Coventry University, as you can see the fee is around 17,900 pounds per year which is about 20,000 Canadian dollars.

Also here is the fees for the University of Toronto

She actually had to forfeit the admission because she wasn’t able to afford the school fees required and to be honest this is the case for many Nigerians.

That’s why I’m pleased to educate you on this work route pathway that helps you relocate to Canada and get your permanent residency immediately or one year later.

But seriously who I’m I and how do I even qualify to talk to you about Relocating to Canada.

I’m Anthony Chika by name the owner of the “Travel With Chika” Travel consulting brand.

I graduated from the “Universal School of Aviation”  in Abuja where I studied “TRAVEL AGENCY MANAGEMENT” and “Tourism “. I came out as one of the best students which made me a Certified Travel expert. 

After my school, I Moved to Lagos where I Interned for one of the biggest Travel Agencies in Nigeria and I eventually got a job there.

With my experience working in a Travel Agency, I have been able to help a lot of clients relocate to Canada successfully through both the Study and work route.

Also, you can visit my Facebook page where I have a few thousand followers who engage with me.

You see, this unique pathways don’t only help you get a job that will help you relocate to Canada.

It will also help you become a permanent resident and after 1094 days you can become a Canadian citizen.

Here are some benefits of becoming a Canadian Citizen and a permanent resident.

1] Free and high-quality schools for your kids. Premium quality school education for your kids up to grade 12 is completely free. Education is free for the children until university.

2] Free medical facilities. Health insurance is funded by the government.  There is no need to fly to any country for medical reasons because Canada has some of the Best Hospitals in the world.

3] Families will be eligible for child care benefits. It is a tax-free monthly payment made to families to help with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. You get paid over $500 Canadian dollars (N260,000) every month per child just to support them..

4] Foodbank (as a newcomer you are entitled to receive FREE foodstuff)

5] Access to Provincial Student loan and Assistant program. Low fees for tertiary education compared to International students. In a school where you will pay $20,000 as an international student, you will get to like $4000 instead.

6] You can sponsor your Parents and Grandparents for Canadian Permanent Residency.

7] You can visit up to 183 countries including UK, US, Visa-free.

8] You get to have Dual citizenship which is priceless.

This is awesome right, I know.

We all know that the most common way to relocate to Canada through the work route is through the “Federal skilled worker program”.

But the issue with this route is that, a lot of Nigerians and people from outside Canada don’t meet the requirements and it could be very competitive at times.

Here are some of the Requirements for the federal skilled worker program.

  • Your Job skill level must fall under one of the top 3 Skill types in Canada which simply means no hope for you if you don’t have a University certificate and a high professional skill like a Doctor.
  • You must have 1-year full-time work experience in the past 3 years where you were being paid in one of the Top Level jobs like if you are a Doctor, Electrician. But no hope for you if you are a Truck driver or a cleaner.
  • You must score at least 7 in your IELTS exam in the last 2 years and we all know how some people don’t score high in Nigeria.
  • You must have a University degree guaranteed
  • You must be between the age of 18 – 40 years old, so if you don’t fall under this no hope for you.

As you can see there is no hope for you if you don’t meet all the requirements above and the truth is you must be really outstanding in your field to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

And this is the most popular route people know of to work in Canada, yet only a few people are able to relocate through this route and this route is similar to the Express Entry.

of course, we know how extremely difficult it is to relocate through the Express Entry route.

But here is good news for you right now.

There are some less pursued Substitute Pathways that Informed Nigerians are now using to sneak into Canada Legally while also getting a high-paying job no matter your skills or the kind of job you currently do in Nigeria.

Even if you are a cleaner, farmer, Truck driver, banker, electrician, doctor, and the rest.

As long as you can show you can get the job you are claiming you can do even if you don’t have an experience with the job this pathway will accommodate you.

You see, I was focused on showing people how to relocate through the school route but after constant pressure from some of my followers on my Facebook page, WhatsApp, and Email list all insisting they can’t afford the school route and all they wanted was a job I decided to look for the perfect route that will suit them.

So I decided to do further research in addition to my original Knowledge of helping clients relocate to Canada.

Finally, I was able to come up with the best alternative pathways on how to relocate to Canada even if you have just SSCE, don’t have Work experience, and of course without an age limit.

These pathways are;

1). The Rural Northern Immigration pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program and this program is for people who agree to only relocate to specific parts of Canada that are looking for more workers to help them grow their economy and that is where you come in.

So you must choose out of 9 provinces in Canada to relocate to.

The requirements are simple

  1. Check that you meet both IRCC and the specific community requirements.
  2. Find an eligible job with a designated employer in one of the participating communities.
  3. Once you have a job offer, submit your application for recommendation to the specific community you choose.
  4. If a community recommends you, apply for permanent residence immediately.

So with this route, you immediately become a permanent resident.

2). Atlantic Immigration program

The recently launched Atlantic Immigration program was introduced in March this year and it’s still very hot.  

it’s a pathway to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers and international graduates from a Canadian institution who want to work and live in 1 of Canada’s 4 Atlantic provinces—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The program helps employers hire qualified candidates for jobs they haven’t been able to fill locally.

This is very similar to the RNIP program and has a similar application process.

3). LMIA job route and 

4). the Temporary foreign worker program.

I don’t want to go into details to save time.

You see, what I love about these 4 pathways is that no matter where you are they meet you where you are.

This is the best way right now to relocate yourself and your family because,

  • It has no age restriction, as long as you are 18 and above you qualify.
  • Even if you don’t have a university degree as long as you have SSCE you qualify.
  • You don’t need a high IELTS, if you have 4 as your overall score you qualify and some of the jobs don’t require IELTS but I suggest you write it to just show you have it in other to get access to more jobs, so basically all you need to do is write IELTS and no matter how bad things are you should score 4 or more.
  • You don’t need work experience
  • You can work as a cleaner, farmer, truck driver, and the rest.
  • And it is extremely affordable to relocate through the Job route..
  • You get to work full time and even overtime if you want.
  • Your entire family can relocate with you and your spouse will also get an open work permit to work in any job of their choice full time.

So as you can see this pathway is more accommodating to people both with or without experience, any age, and even low educational qualifications.

And you are sure to get your permanent residence either immediately or 1 year later because now you have one-year full-time work experience which qualifies you to apply for permanent residency.

At the end of the day whether you get your permanent residence immediately or one year later, it doesn’t matter.

As long as you are able to first relocate you and your family legally to Canada with a valid Job offer then that’s all that matters. 

Now Let me tell you a short story about Seyi who used one of these unique pathways to relocate to Canada.

I won’t put her picture or call her full name for confidentiality’s sake.

Seyi like most Nigerians didn’t have any plan of relocating out of Nigeria, all she desired was to travel around the world but still base fully in Nigeria.

But as life would have it for her, she decided she would relocate out of Nigeria because of how depreciating our Nigerian passport has become and of course, the obvious NEPA issues, bad Healthcare system, bad roads, insecurity and you can keep going when it comes to terrible things happening in Nigeria.

(Imagine the recent Terrorist who went into a church in ONDO state and killed everyone, things like this is enough to run with your entire family)

Then the almighty #Endsars which ended some people’s lives and this just further fueled her desire to leave the country because she didn’t want to raise her kids in a nation like this that has zero value for human lives.

She had different countries in mind like US but in US there are mostly remote jobs and not really jobs that will help you relocate to the US.

She considered Germany but later decided on Canada.

She considered the school route also but as a Software developer as she was she didn’t really want to go to school again, she just wanted to work, and knowing how expensive the school route is she ruled out that option completely.

She wanted to go through the Federal skilled worker route but was already disqualified because she didn’t meet the requirements.

so she decided to use one of the unique routes in my special program I share more details in a special program (more on this later)

She applied for a job without giving up and finally, she got her dream job offer a day before her court wedding in November 2020.

She was excited and started the process to relocate to Canada and a few months after getting the job Seyi landed in Canada with her husband.

Both of them now work full-time without any issues and as I speak to you she would be getting her permanent residency soon.

Now that is an interesting story and you can be like Seyi only if you are willing to make a decision of relocating to Canada without giving up.

Not a case where you hit a small challenge and you back out.

Now I know I have informed you briefly about the 4 unique pathways to relocate to Canada through the job route but the truth is one video like this won’t be enough to cover all the details needed and you also need someone to guide you since you are going to be doing this process by yourself so you need to do it right in other not to make mistakes that will cost you the entire process.

And of course with my practical experience helping people relocate to Canada I am now willing to walk you through this process step by step so you will be able to be in Canada working in a high-paying job in a secure environment where you can comfortably raise your children and start a family.


“All Road leads To Canada Guide”

The step-by-step detailed guide showing you in video steps how to apply for a job in Canada from here in Nigeria, get a job, relocate to Canada, become a permanent resident, and eventually become a Canadian citizen if that Is what you desire.

This guide will walk you carefully on how to get things right because if you get it wrong you might just get travel banned from Canada and that will affect you when you try to apply to any other country.

Here is what you get in the “All way leads to Canada through Job Guide”

  • Step-by-step actionable Videos on How to scale through all the various application processes
  • Top 5 best websites to see Legitimate job offers you can apply for and I will show you how to apply step by step for your Dream Job.
  • How to know the NOC category you fall under and How to know your specific job NOC code so you use it during application (Don’t do this and you won’t get any response)
  • How To Write A Canadian CV/Resume/cover head and I will give you Templates to use (This is one of the most important steps )
  • Understanding what ATS means (this is exactly why 98% of people who apply for a job in Canada don’t even get a response.
  • How to prepare for Job Interviews to increase your chances of getting your dream job.
  • Important steps you must take immediately after you get a job offer letter (You must act fast at this point)
  • 6 reasons why 90% of people who apply for jobs never get a response, they don’t even get a rejection because they keep doing one of these 6 things (Never make any of these mistakes if not you will apply for 5,000 jobs and get zero response, you won’t even get a rejection)
  • How to apply for your transcript for verification the right way to avoid any delay and I will show you how to evaluate your qualifications
  • Step-by-step video Showing you Click by click  how to apply for a Work permit the right way (You can’t make mistake here if you do, you will get a guaranteed rejection or worse no response)
  • How to increase your CRS Point If you are having issues meeting up with it.
  • How to apply for your Visa and Pass your interview without issues (You need to be careful here because Visas are given based on discretion, so use the tips i will show you so you don’t mess things up)
  • How to increase your chances of getting a Job, Relocating To Canada and become a Permanent resident, and of course, eventually become Citizen and enjoy every benefit even if you don’t have A DEGREE and NO work experience (You must have SSCE)
  • I covered the 4 substitute pathways in detail and I also covered the Federal Skilled Worker program in case you meet up with the requirements and you rather go through that route.

As you can see this is a detailed guide and No it’s not some boring long pdf ebook, this are step by step video tutorial showing you click by click what to do that even a 5-year-old or a 70-year-old man will understand.

The information in this guide is worth N500,000 and even more.

Because this is the same thing Travel agents charge 1M – 2.5M for and I know this firsthand.

And this is not all you get today from me, I will give you some special bonuses that will help you relocate and settle successfully in Canada.

Bonus #1 – How to search for jobs that will sponsor your entire relocation plan. These jobs are willing to pay for your Visa, application fees, flight fees and some are even willing to give you free accommodation in some cases. (This bonus is worth N100,000 easily)

Bonus #2 – A detailed list of expenses you might incur in your application process when you get a job offer (this guide is worth N10,000)

Bonus #3350 job agents contact in Canada that can help you get a job in Canada

These agents are Canada-approved agents that can help you get in a job in canada.

This Bonus alone is easily worth N350,000 for these contacts.

bonus #4 – 5 Recommended side business that can Fetch anywhere from you 200k – 500k per month in the shortest time possible.

I added this here because I really want to help you relocate to Canada and I don’t want money to be an issue, So with this, you can make an extra 200k – 500k per month which will be more than enough to help you scale through the whole relocation process.

This bonus alone is worth N50,000

Bonus #5 – 5 Do’s and Don’ts when applying for your Visa to increase your chances greatly when trying to get your visa (This steps has been gotten after helping clients successfully scale through this process in the past).

This bonus is worth N50,000

Bonus #5 – 5 Do’s and Don’ts when applying for your Visa to increase your chances greatly when trying to get your visa (This steps has been gotten after helping clients successfully scale through this process in the past).

This bonus is worth N50,000

Bonus #6 – Access to an Exclusive group for only people trying to relocate through the Job route where you can ask questions and you get to see what others are doing, and of course, I will be in the group too.

As you can, I added more bonuses that will further help you on your relocating path to Canada including the main Program itself.

This price will go back to 100k and I hold the right to increase the price without announcing it or asking for permission.

So depending on when you are watching this video right now, if the price is still at N25,000 I suggest you grab it because it will go up sooner than you think.

It cost me a lot of advertisement budget to get this information to your hands because you most likely got here through an advert you clicked, I paid someone to run the adverts you clicked because I’m a professional Travel expert and not an Advertising expert, and lastly I paid someone to design this website you are watching this video from currently.

Of course, let’s not talk about the hours I spent creating these videos which are priceless.

So you can see I’m even the one cheating myself by letting you get access to this guide for N25,000 before it will eventually rise to N100,000.

but I don’t mind because my goal is to help as many people as possible who are serious.

So you have 3 choices now.

  1. Get this guide now and start applying for jobs as soon as today, with the hopes of relocating to Canada with your family in the next few months from now.
  2. Say this is a Scam because that’s what lazy people say these days, everything is a Scam to them and that is how they miss life-changing opportunities.
  3. Be in the “Do Nothing Gang” this gang they never do anything, they are always interested in clicking every ad and saying they are interested but when it’s time to take action they do nothing thinking they will land in Canada without doing anything.

We will be going into the Frequently asked questions shortly, but I just want to show you how you can make payment for this program through paystack in other to secure your spot.

Here are potential questions you might have!


It’s a digital product, Immediately you make payment through paystack you will be redirected to the page where you can start watching the videos and taking action immediately.

Anyone that guarantees you Visa and a job is just wanting to scam you and you need to run because how can you guarantee someone a job and Visa when you are not the Job employer nor are you the Canadian Embassy who gives Visa?

But I can assure you if you follow all my instructions in this Guide and adhere to them I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get a job and eventually a Work Visa.

Well, some people can get a job on their first try, some on their 10th try, and some even longer.

I’m not the employer so I can’t really say, but I will surely teach you techniques that will help you stand out in other to increase your chances of getting a job because you must understand you aren’t the only one applying for the job.

One thing you should remember is most people who relocated out of Nigeria didn’t have the money in bulk saved up, they just decided they wanted to move and everything fell in place one way or the other.

So if you really want this you won’t make excuses, take the first step by getting the course and from there you will know what to do and the rest of thing will start falling in place.

Yes, you can get a job while you are still in your home country, you can also get a job if you are already in Canada maybe for a visit or something.

I understand it might feel a bit overwhelming, but I can assure you, that you can do it yourself.

Just follow my step-by-step videos and that’s all.

No, I’m not a loan company, so I can’t help you.

If you don’t have money get the Guide in there I show you 5 Side hustles that can fetch you N200,000 – N500,000 per month.

I understand how you feel, but don’t bother too much about people who aren’t a specialist in a field.

I’m a travel expert and if you as a doctor I come and tell you what to do, you shouldn’t listen to me because being a doctor isn’t my field But in all, I believe your friends and family mean well to you, but they aren’t the expert here.

Youtube and Google have been around for over 20 years now, have you been able to relocate with the information there so far?

What I share with you is practical information that I have used to get clients’ results.

The thing about free information is that people just put things out there because they want to make money with views on youtube.

Information from youtube and google has gotten many people travel ban, so all the best if that’s what you want.

I understand how you feel and but I give you the best tips to avoid further denial due to my experience in helping clients.

I understand how you feel, but don’t bother too much about people who aren’t a specialist in a field.

I’m a travel expert and if you as a doctor I come and tell you what to do, you shouldn’t listen to me because being a doctor isn’t my field But in all, I believe your friends and family mean well to you, but they aren’t the expert here.

Here is just a quick recap of everything you are getting Today.

  • All road leads to Canada Guide (Worth N500,000)
  • Bonus #1 – Getting jobs that will sponsor your entire trip (Worth N100,000)
  • Bonus #2 – The total Cost Manual for your relocation (Worth N10,000)
  • Bonus #3 – 5 Side hustles that can fetch you 200k – 500k per month (Worth N50,000)
  • Bonus #4 – 350 Canadian Job agent Contacts – (Worth N350,000)
  • Bonus #5 – Do’s and Don’ts when applying for a Visa ( Worth N50,000)
  • Bonus #6 – Access to an exclusive Q and A group ( Worth N100,000)

everything together sums up to N1,160,000.

But you pay only N100,000 N25,000 Today only.

Remember, you didn’t have the privilege of growing up in a sane environment like Canada, it is your duty to make your children grow up in a sane environment like Canada.